Ladies Love Lies! Do they?

Today I simply feel like rambling! ūüôā

Sniffing through blogs the other day to get my daily fix, I couldn’t but notice a lot of the rantings I stumbled on. They all seem to centre on the same theme – relationships and all the drama that could possibly come with it. One that really stood out for me was the “six words and cold turkey” write-up. It made me laugh and got me thinking. It is common saying that the signs are always there but ladies just choose to ignore them, hoping against hope, desiring the undesirable, willing their fantasies into reality literally.

I made a brief visit to a bookstore days back and I found a book with a title that caught my eyes immediately:¬†“Men are like waffles, Women are like spaghetti” . Quickly, I browsed through the chapters and my eyes settled on one in which the author tried to explore the world of male & female parallel differences. It is safe to say the issue is a dead horse yet a lot of people never get to understand it – some, for a lifetime! – hence the persistent tensions and the continuous battle of the sexes that would remain as long as the world exists.

Interestingly, an email I got on the 6th of February fixated my thoughts on a subject I find pretty complex. In the said email, the writer emphatically stated that men lie all the time and gave justifiable reasons in his opinion. I would be citing some excerpts from the email:

“If you’re like most women you’ve probably been¬†lied to by a man . . .¬†Actually, I can pretty much guarantee it.¬†The simple fact is, men¬†lie to women all the time . . .¬†About little things . ..¬†About big things . . .¬†About things that don’t seem to matter at all . . .¬†And a lot of women want to know¬†WHY?¬†WHY¬†can’t he just tell me the truth?”

He went on to state 1 of 3 reasons for this supposedly preposterous act towards the womankind based on a survey research done by some nationally known relationship expert in the US.

“There’s actually¬†THREE¬†reasons¬†that men lie to women (and two of them¬†are actually pretty innocent . . . here’s the first¬†one that tends to¬†SHOCK¬†a lot of women.) Michael says that men lie to women because men are SCARED¬†of women. Not physically (not usually, though occasionally you hear¬†about a woman going all “Bobbet” on her¬†man.)¬†Nope, Michael says men are scared of women’s¬†EMOTIONS. Women can both¬†enter and recover from extreme¬†emotional states a¬†LOT¬†faster¬†and easier than guys can.”

Right! So, men lie and ladies love lies.

The mother of them all was this article I read last night, “The other woman speaks…loving the man and his ring”. It blew my mind literally. This girl met a guy who professed so much love for her whilst getting married to someone else. She knew about it yet held on to a relationship built on lies and illusions. ¬†Agreed, people lie all the time irrespective of the gender but what baffles me is when a woman still holds on knowing fully well all she is hearing are lies.

A man would swear by anything that he always lay the cards bare on the table but most ladies still read it otherwise. From my observation, the world’s undisputed sand castle builders are ladies. I mean…. how does a first time outing with a guy ends up in wedding plans less than a week later. Gosh!!! ¬†I feel when a guy speaks, it sounds mostly like¬†gibberish¬†to the female ears and in other not to waste that communication, a lady gives it her own interpretation…lol

I really need to hear your reaction on this one guys….

Does the emotional flippancy of the female specie justify the irrational dispensation of lies to her?

Why would a lady hope against hope that the lies being doled out to her would suddenly become the truth?

PS: “I love listening to lies when I know the truth” – An ¬†amazing view-point in my opinion!


4 thoughts on “Ladies Love Lies! Do they?

  1. S.Charles says:

    Truth is, it goes both ways. There are men who lie to you hoping to get away with it, while there are some that won’t lie to you but will never say what the real situation is. But this is not about the men…

    Now Ladies on the other hand keep hoping for a ‘miracle’, naturally women have this 2nd or 3rd instinct and we can sense when something is wrong or off. The emotional side gets the most of women and sometimes you are tempted to scream ‘What is wrong with you?’

  2. MissJebs05 says:

    In my opinion, Any relationship based on lies will definitely crumble, no gimmick about that. And really its fun to be quiet and listen to lies when you absolutely know the truth but of what benefit?

    Most men in the exception of few(wink) lie to get what they really want off most women but I can guarantee you the very smart women wont fall for lies and to be smart you just have to obey your instinct because it definitely speaks to you.

  3. Women certainly lie as well, it’s just that women tolerate them more and so men end up lying more. But women always know when something is up, and so I have to sadly agree that a lot of the time, women just allow things to slide or they overlook things. When a woman meets the ‘right kind of guy’ to some extent she really does decide to ignore the potentially worrying things he’s said and decides to plunge forth, already day-dreaming about love and marriage.

    And then of course there’s the role of prayer, which in of itself is a good thing, but it doesn’t solve everything. Or rather, just because you pray, doesn’t mean you’re absolved from taking action for yourself. If a man is constantly abusing you, prayer won’t magically change him. Rather, pray for the strength to leave because this is your life you’re talking about. Now that is an extreme case, but the principle remains the same: You can pray that the man ends up being the right guy, but you must also open your eyes and be objective enough to see him for who he is because no one can do that for you.

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