Bang out of order!!!

A trip to my local bank is never one I look forward to. On very extreme days, I could wait almost half an hour if not more in a queue just to find a parking bay for my silver baby! As I wait impatiently in my car, my heart sinks further as I watch more and more people file into the bank. I begin to dread the sight of the packed banking hall which always reminds me of a can of sardine. There are two things that creep me out anytime I am in this particular local branch. Three things actually. First of , people who just think it is completely alright to barge into an existing queue from a point other than the end of the queue. The second being the “too close for comfort” queuers and finally, the BO exuders…they knock me out, literally!

I take solace in knowing that I have control over two of these three abnormalities. I am yet to experience a queue jumper get served before me…*satisfactory grin*. Even, the branch manager has come to know me for this reason. Some may say it’s petty but such a thing I do not let slide because in my books, it is ….bang out-of-order! It is my “corporate social responsibility” as long as I am on that particular queue to right such wrong! 🙂 As for the “too close for comfort” queuers, I simply say it as it is. I mean, you inching into me with every shuffle in the queue does not get you any closer to the counter until it’s your turn so what the heck? My friend…back off! I have come to realise, some folks don’t understand that every individual has a right to a certain degree of personal space in a public area.

Moving on, I am of the opinion that there are unwritten rules that govern BBM (Blackberry Messenger) usage and its users. Rules different from those stipulated in the terms and conditions from RIM. By default I am nocturnal and thankfully my kind of work makes it permissible. Once it’s nightfall,I become as active as the stars in the night. A night ago, while i was in the zone at about 2 am, there came a broadcast that rudely distracted me. I pinged the sender right back, making my displeasure known. She had the nerve to say I should have kept my phone on the silent mode amongst other snide remarks! The cheek of it! Apparently, the concept of such act being unwelcoming at that time of the day was too enormous for her to grasp! I was livid, putting it mildly, but kept my cool. An imminent deletion looms over her PIN as this has become second nature for her.

The presence of my PIN on your BBM is not an express license for indiscriminate sending of unsolicited broadcasts to me round the clock. This should be a no-brainer. Accepted, quite a number of entrepreneurs use the free service for business and product promotion but sending business related advertorial to your contacts outside reasonable business hours is just an unscrupulous business move….bang out of order!

Asides that, it makes no business sense and defeats the purpose for the following reasons;

– most people, if not all, are in no mood to deal with anything official or business-like after a long and hectic day at work.

– it’s a sign of disrespect and invasion of personal space  to send broadcasts at wee hours and don’t tell me “what if it’s an emergency?” You can’t possibly  need the attention of every d**n person on your BBM contact list. Whatever happened to next of kin!

– such broadcasts may never be read simply because it ticked the receiver off!

– it is best to send people advertorial messages at a time when attention is at the  peak for most. Somewhere between 8 am and 8 pm seem ideal.

I have had to delete a few chronic BBM broadcasters and miscreants off my list. After all, it’s my phone and can most def do that which I deem fit with it.

Enough said. I feel a sequel in the offing, certainly!


3 thoughts on “Bang out of order!!!

  1. Joy says:

    =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=))! Hilarious!! No be you!! Funny I rarely get BC messages…mmm…too few contacts? Maybe! Sequel! Sequel! Sequel!

  2. I share your sentiments on the BC messages on BB.But funny enough I don’t really get them that much,especially at night, It could be something peculiar to you hun. And I love your little expose on the bank space invaders. True to the core madam. And it seems like it is the ones with the venomous BO or chronic cases of halitosis that seem to snuggle up like duvet’s to you on the queue.loll. Yuckkkk! Need a shower and some breath mints quick.

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