The frailty of life

Our lives more often than not are set in daily routines that could sometimes cause us to be blinded to other things outside the circumference of our focus or set ways. Having justified our priorities based on that which is important to us, distractions are mostly unwelcome. I recently heard a line of prayer that really got me thinking… “Help us prioritize our importances according to that which is important”,  it hit me like a strong rolling wave.  Then I thought, is it possible to set priorities in the wrong order?…hmmmm! This led to more inquisitive questions such as; What is the baseline/benchmark for measuring the order of prioritization? If there is, what informed it?

Recent weeks have been pretty eventful with many celebrations, many joys,  new challenges,  and a few deaths, sadly. The news of yet another loved one passing on brings to the surface the issue of how frail life can truly be. One minute here, the next, gone! It makes me ponder on how we sometimes take so many things and people for granted simply because of either excessive familiarity or nonchalance. Our circumference of focus sometimes doesn’t help as well.

As oppose to actualizing the bigger picture which is absolutely important, the little things are more important, that, I know and I’m beginning to incorporate into my daily routines. I drive pass his home quite often but never stop to say a quick hello. My gaze was always set on the preconceived destination, a detour, not being part of the plan. The news of his death broke my heart but I am more pained by the fact that the opportunities  I had were taken for granted.

The little things do really make a difference. More than things, people are not always going to be around forever. We all hope and pray for longevity but life does happen. Seize the moment while you have it. I am learning daily never to underestimate time for the now is the physical currency we have to spend and tomorrow a promissory note that may never be.

Peace and have a great weekend!


Writer’s Block!!!

Nubian is in the deep at the moment with too many issues being processed all at the same time. It’s a transition! I can’t really decide what to write on and how best to express it but should come around soon enough. All the same, thanks for stopping by!