Love Me Patiently!


Today has been a pretty laid back day for me and I just finished seeing the movie The Vow. Yeah, yeah…call me stale, that doesn’t really bother me :p …lol!  It is indeed a beautiful movie inspired by true events. Here is my brief;

Paige moved into the city, a result of strained family relationships, met Leo, fell in love and they got married. After which, they had a ghastly accident which left Paige in coma for several weeks. Upon recovery, she suffered partial memory loss. She couldn’t remember anything post her move to the city…meaning, she became clueless of who Leo was and is. In a nutshell, this tested the love they once deeply shared…

If  you are yet to see the movie, I suggest you find time to. It’s a good one and the first movie that I would be musing about on my blog. 🙂


This movie only affirms my belief as it relates to love. To love is a decision and not just a feeling. It transcends all the butterflies that flutter in your belly at the thought  or sight of a pretty chic/tall dark & handsome. Loving demands patience and that is NOT optional. However, we live in a time where our very existence is threatened by the need for instantaneous gratification. We want everything now and any deviation from what we presume to be the ideal must be done away with. We are least bothered about working through the process. If it’s not happening now, it’s not acceptable. End of!

Here’s my question, How often do we look within ourselves to see if we hold in us that which we demand or are demanding of others? I think the 21st century media has significantly contributed to this Instantaneous Gratification Syndrome that now plagues us as a generation. To fix a broke gear takes a process, our problem is, we lack that patience and positive outlook required to endure that repair process. I can’t remember where but I read the saying of an elderly couple not too long ago which i will paraphrase. They said the reason younger marriages don’t last in today’s world is because in their time, if it’s broken, you FIX it! However, with our generation, if it’s broken, you DISCARD it! That’s the IGS at work. 😦

The kind of love expressed by Leo towards his confused wife Paige is one that teaches acceptance, tolerance, patience and sheer kindness. There is the need to understand that we as humans have different forms encapsulated in us. I can strongly testify to that for I am a woman with plenteous idiosyncrasies…trust me ( laughing)! I have accepted this as an intrinsic part of my being and I make the conscious effort to accept and deal with fellow humans with this same mindset. Everyone has “issues”, seriously, we all got issues!!! And the frustrating bit is that people judge you without walking an inch in your shoes and even try to justify their judgement of you. The reality is, the shoes are mine, they are on my feet and you are never going to wear them because you are never going to be me. So, rather than hurriedly judge another for character  flaws, I’m learning to exercise more patience as I have cause to relate with people. Accept people for who they are and not what you want them to be.

Here’s the fun part. It is never a smooth ride and that is where patience with endurance come in. I beg to say this is what is majorly lacking in our generation. We all want life on the fast lane. We are never willing to wait it out or see it through. Always looking for the next big thing. This is the attitude the media is successfully imparting into us through adverts, songs, magazines and what have you. People who are in touch with “real” life would tell you that with every relationship comes its own testing. Get real!

I was watching a reality TV show the other day and practically all the participants did not forget to say they are fun persons meanwhile, they got about 90 days to prove this of which many turn out to be yawn-fests. At that point, it occurred to me, this cliché -“I’m a fun person”- is actually overrated. Relationships, be it marriage or otherwise, do and would go through boring patches. So, before you “fun-loving person” hop on the next funky ride, can you try bringing the fun into your relationship first of before going-a-seeking. I mean, Leo could have hopped like a free-spirited bird on to the next fun thing rather than loving her patiently with all her idiosyncrasies but he understood love and its demands. The moral of the story is, When you are there in it, be there. Give it your all else you may outsmart yourself. It’s a mix bag, be ready to take it all.

Sometimes, when there seem to be a major road block, it necessarily doesn’t spell quit, rather, starting from where it all started, going back to the beginning may be all you need to do to  help bring it all into perspective.

Another aspect of the movie that struck me deeply is the sheer pressure that comes from family. In our bid to keep them sweet, we play to the family gallery at the expense of fostering a meaningful relationship with our partner. We want to meet their expectations even when it means throwing away the real thing in order to conform. It may sound mean but I find it true, sometimes, our families try to influence us in our relationships and most times, they do a very shoddy job while at it. Understanding priorities and learning to prioritize them according to their importance is of great essence.

That’s me done….I love the movie and would see it again. Had so many notable quotes in it. I will leave you with this one.

“A moment of impact holds potential for change, has ripple effects far beyond what we can predict, sending some particles crashing together, making them closer than before while sending others spinning off  into great adventures, landing where you’d thought we’d never find them. You see, that’s – that’s the thing about moments like these. You can’t, no matter how hard you try, control how they’re going to affect you. You just got to let the colliding particles land where they’re meant and wait until the next collision.” – The Vow

A fellow blogger once said, “You don’t stop dreaming because you has a nightmare so don’t stop loving because you once loved and lost”

You never give up on ‎L♥√ع. That is who we are deep down. 🙂


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21 thoughts on “Love Me Patiently!

  1. Bimby says:

    Whoa! Thanks for this. I have actually seen the movie but your post opens my eyes to another.Hmmmm patience, I need that seriously so I won’t judge hastely cause have not walked in the person’s shoes though it won’t be easy but I just have to…. Thanks so much.

  2. dayo says:

    Nice illustration of the movie, a must see as well. My best phrase was ‘ i vow to love you fiercely’. You’re very right about loving being a decision and not a feeling cos once its a decision then it can stand the test of time.

    The Bible says God is love, and loving God in itself is a decision. After watching this movie i thought to myself if i was the guy or the lady, how would i handle the matter… still haven’t reached a conclusion.

    Well done !!!

  3. I love the movie…The title alone explains it. It’s a vow and should be kept so when you have vowed to love someone, you accept every bit of things known and things to come. Really interesting movie

  4. Babypink says:

    I have seen the movie and this is a fantastic analysis!
    My friend calls our generation the ‘indomine generation’… We want everythig now! now! now!
    The need to persevere and be patient even in difficult times so often eludes today’s youth..
    Some couples just read out the vows without really understanding the importance of it..
    For me, the vows “for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, ‘til death do us part,”
    set out the parameters for the marriage.
    It means that you consider your partner indispensable no matter what the circumstances may be.

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  6. Reblogged this on and commented:

    Today, I got notified of a new follower on Twitter who quoted sometime from a post I wrote a little over two years ago! I went back to the post to read it and decided to share it again… Enjoy!

  7. Reblogged this on and commented:

    Today, I got notified of a new follower on Twitter who quoted something from a post I wrote a little over two years ago! I went back to the post to read it and decided to share it again… Enjoy!

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