Take A Chill Pill, Please!

I live in a society, particularly, a city that is largely driven by impressions. Real or apparent, that is besides the point! What others think of you is the motivating force, sometimes the only motivation for a lot of the things we do. It is the status quo syndrome that fosters the need to conform even if it means staying untrue to self. Being a non-conformist by nature, I find it amusing and sometimes distasteful when I see people exhibiting symptoms of this long-standing societal malady which is often accompanied by the need to oppress others while at it. It is so entrenched in the system; you’d be wrong to call it a trend.

This ideology that borders on oppressing and intimidating others or treating people condescendingly simply because they do not fit into “your class” is pretty shallow, baseless and sickening. I believe people in general should be treated right and with equality regardless their creed, beliefs, faith and economic standing. It’s sad but it is not uncommon to find at the root of most aspirations the need to prove our superiority to people who don’t give a toss; people who are simply consumed with their own daily struggles.

The city of Lagos

The city of Lagos

We are often encouraged to make each day count towards bettering ourselves as individuals but how often do we bear this in mind as we relate with people? In the bid to massage this ego tripping , tactless utterances are dispersed  towards others like arrows on a deadly mission without consideration nor inhibition. I find it commonplace for some people to think because of their “exposure” and “pedigree”, it is impossible to mingle or be nice to someone outside their “caucus”. Truth be told, that is a sign of complex, a cancerous one at that.

Like the undiscriminating Tsetse fly, this state of delusive thinking bites and affects both the poor and rich. Often times I wonder what the madness is all about. There is the constant need to show-off, the need to earn bragging rights over nothing. This is often a subset of self-validation. I believe there is more to life than this myopic state of living. Understand, Life is like a mirror; you can only see as much as it reflects per time. Do yourself a favour and take a chill pill with the arrogance, pride and condescending nastiness towards others; situations change with time. You’d be surprised! 🙂

I am certain this is not only peculiar to my city; some of you can relate to it one way or the other. I’d love to hear your opinion(s) on this matter. Let’s get talking.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Lawanson Photography


One thought on “Take A Chill Pill, Please!

  1. phuncare says:

    Wonderful piece sis, going back in time this brings readily to mind my great alma mata, not ‘uni’ of cos. That my prestigious sec sch where ALL judgements were made on ‘ow many packs of frosties u had in your locker ‘perception’ u rightly cald it. It’s indeed no respecter of persons,age or experience. Keep ’em coming sis

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