Black Sunday

The mood in Lagos is so sombre and my day like a movie in slow motion playing.  I heard about the plane crash within 15 minutes of it happening, it was a rude awakening from my Sunday beauty sleep. For the  first few minutes after I heard the news of the crash I was numb; like a racing car, my heart started palpitating, my thoughts,  in different directions they took off. I wanted to know a lot of the things all at the same time. Where was the plane coming from? What airline was it? Where are my family and friends? Quickly, I called and pinged friends and family I knew were due to ply that air route over the weekend. The need to take stock became paramount.

Just the night before, after a very hectic Saturday, I found myself waiting endlessly at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport to pick up my Sister-in-law due back from Ghana . Their flight was delayed due to the Allied Air Cargo plane crash in Accra that evening. Travelling by air is not particularly my favourite pastime even though I have done that several times without number. I especially have reservations for local flights as I have been on a few that has left unpleasant memories with me. While I waited for her, I pondered why so many young professionals had to go to Ghana to sit the CFA exams! What if something happens? God forbid  I quickly said. Needless to say, they didn’t arrive until almost 1am Sunday morning.

So, to hear that a plane crashed nearby the very next day was like the dreaded nightmare coming true! All I could think about was how hellish their final moments most have been.! No one deserves to die like that. 😦 What a tragic way to end their lives. May they find eternal rest and to the families & friends mourning, may the Lord comfort everyone. 😦  This tragic event brings home the fact that we are all connected, it is the essence of humanity. Though personally, I wasn’t  affected, too many of my friends don’t have the same tale to tell…they mourn so I  mourn. This is a national disaster! It could have been anyone on that flight! This is such a huge loss, a direct result of sheer negligence, nonchalance and conceitedness. To say it as it is, being Nigerian can be officially depressing. 😦

In my opinion, they were murdered! I mean, this is clearly evident through developing stories. It is just absurd, the height of callousness and outright irresponsibility to treat a faulty plane like you would a faulty car. It should be about the preservation of lives over profit and not the other way round! Seriously, this was an avoidable calamity. Something has got to give, Nigeria! We cannot continue like this. As long as we keep rewarding incompetence and mediocrity & celebrating looting and plundering of the national treasury, we will remain on this freaking horror ride for a while.

Bad enough, the quality of life in Nigeria is awful, this has nothing to do with your financial standing as an individual. The value placed on human lives…less than zero. The decadence in the system is skin deep. We demand proactive measures not reactions! GEJ, we are tired of mourning. Aviation minister Stella Oduah, we get it…you are saddened and thanks for the tears but how does a faulty plane that crash landed barely a month ago get to fly yet again? These lamentations from people in authority is not what we need. Just do what is right or vacate the seats for those who are willing to!

We demand the prioritization of our priorities according that which is important. God won’t come down to withdraw the licenses of bad carriers, It is not His responsibility to uphold standards in the land. God will not come down to do what man must do. At this rate, it is only a matter of time…revolution is looming and it has now clearly passed the initiation stage! Just like someone on twitter rightly said, let these greedy sods fly their greed at half mast and invest that which they shamelessly siphon into developing the nation, let them stop turning blind eyes to substandardness in all its entirety for the sake of kickbacks,  let them stop cutting corners..maybe then, the country will begin to heal and get better.

This horrific incidence has just re-opened the can of worms we rarely like to see. The blame game is the easiest to play when things like these happen but before we concentrate our focus on the people at the top, let’s do a reality check. How do we perform as individuals within our own sphere of influence? How do we function on our jobs? Do we cut corners or stand firm not to compromise standards? Are we more concerned about the kickbacks we would get from cutting some slacks not minding the detrimental effect it could have on the larger populace? It’s disheartening to hear some Nigerians say, if given the chance, they would loot the national treasury as well because it is their turn to “chop”. 😦

Our desired change should and must start with us as individuals! Almost by default, anytime disasters happen, the first thing you’d hear is, “we need to pray for Nigeria”. I do not have a problem with prayers but what’s the essence of praying when after those said prayers we still refuse to do the right things! Let’s stop deceiving ourselves. We all have our individual roles to play in the grand scheme of things.

We must carry out individual reality checks!!! My friend and fellow blogger-Sheila just wrote extensively on that…The Peoples’ Republic of Government.

Like many other Nigerians, I barely slept through the night. Matching photos to the names on the flight manifest makes it totally heart-wrenching! I wished yesterday was just a nightmare but alas, it’s so real…it’s scary.

To the victims of the  03/06/12 plane crash, Rest in peace!


12 thoughts on “Black Sunday

  1. Excellent post. I agree most especially with what you said about the Lord not coming down to help us because this is OUR work. We can all do better, we can all be better. Even though I am a staunch follower of traffic lights, today i drove through what was a potential red light because the bulbs weren’t on. I convinced myself that it was actually green because the light didn’t show, instead of taking a 30 second longer route thereby avoiding all doubt. So for the step I took forward, I took myself back two. Thanks for this post.

    • Thanks Ighosime. You basically did a reality check which I commend. That is the way we should live and reason.

      Without mincing words, the Nigerian system is already a failed system and there’s nowhere to hide. We must begin to stand for what is right else our nightmare has only just began. Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do. The “as long as I’m fine” mentality and attitude doesn’t cut it any more. Self-absorption won’t work any longer. We must tackle this state of decadence from the grass-root and that starts with self.

      The generation ahead has failed us, if care is not taken, we will fail the next.

      Thank God for the testimonies of narrow escapes! However, what gives me so much pain is this: the disaster wouldn’t have happened in the first place if due diligence was observed! Why fly people in “coffins”? Sheer wickedness! We are talking about generations wiped out, dreams unfulfilled, lives unlived, children made fatherless, left without the care of a mother, hopes shattered! So Sad!

  2. Achi_va says:

    Nigeria’s problem like i always say starts from when an 8 yr old kid in primary school has to buy gala and coke for his teacher before he passes his exams,Nigeria’s problem is not the leaders, it’s all of us.

  3. You have written excellently, you just took the words right out of my mouth, We’ve been praying but those in authority are not taking actions. So sad. The first thing i said when i heard about the plane being faulty was negligence and nonchalance; thinking profit at the expense of innocent lives. God help us.

  4. Babypink says:

    This piece simply hit the nail on the head!
    I believe we all need to do a reality check!
    If we want to see a change/revolution in this country, we really do need to start from ourselves; contribute our own little quota.
    its all about personal accountability….
    Michael Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror’ always comes to mind every time i think of personal accountability and change in this country…

    I’m Starting With The Man In The Mirror
    I’m Asking Him To Change His Ways
    And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer
    If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place
    Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change

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