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Last Friday evening, I was with close friends, Bim and Lola, at an event which took place at the Lagos Oriental Hotel. It wasn’t a fun fest rather, an assembly of aching hearts and hurting souls. As I met up with Lola in the lobby area, I couldn’t but notice her plain face – devoid of all make-up. Her day’s activities included attending 3 different funerals…all as a result of the June 3rd plane crash in Lagos. Bim joined us a little later with eyes as deep as scarlet. We barely spoke. The atmosphere was intense.

The last speaker for the night started by reiterating two words – “3 minutes”. He dwelt on that for at least half a minute and I kept wondering where he was going with this. He then said, “all they needed was 3 minutes to make it to the runway where emergency services were awaiting the plane after making the distress call, all they never got was 3 minutes!” Heavy sighs rippled through the room simultaneously like an orchestrated symphony. He then proposed a series of mind-boggling questions; questions that have filled my thoughts the better part of this weekend.

“If you had only 3 minutes left before you meet with your maker, what would you do with them? Would you at that point be considering the shoes you bought and never wore? Would you be considering your achievements? Would the monies in your bank accounts or the house(s) be your priority at that point or the piece of your mind you forgot to give Freddy last week be your focus? Would you be regretting life un-lived,  love un-expressed or kindness un-shown?

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Sometimes in life we get so caught up in all sorts and somewhere at the back of our minds there is this vague assumption that we have time. For this reason, we procrastinate. We plan and live our lives like we control time. But really, how many of us deeply understand that we don’t have time?

I read a tribute written by a bereaved husband to his late wife who was a victim of the crash. He detailed the chronicles of his late wife’s life which I found absolutely inspiring. Then I thought, someone on that flight probably left their partner that fateful afternoon without mending fences over a little, trivial misunderstanding and now, the grieving partner, faced with the reality of living with such deep and painful regret.

Tragedies do have a way of re-focusing us as humans. For some, this change in perception lasts a lifetime while for others, no sooner do they slip back into old habits.

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Life is fickle, life is short. A moment in time is all we are sure of, it’s all we truly have. Do good while you can. Treat people right even when they seem undeserving of  your acts of graciousness and benevolence. Love the “unlovable” especially when what they seem to deserve is a cold shoulder or better still, abandonment. Try not to withhold good when it is in your capacity to do it. Cut yourself  and others some slack. Show appreciation for every kind gesture. Don’t be a user, that sucks! Apologize and mean it. Forgive and move on… 🙂 Lead a less complicated life. Seriously, you don’t need the dramas! Live everyday to the fullest…make it count. Be thankful!

2012 has been a very eventful year for me so far; life keeps happening, leaving me with new realities, hmmm…*deep sigh* In these, one thing I do remember is; my life is not mine and for everyday I get the privilege to see, it’s a gift not a right!

I learn daily and stay thankful for the gift of life!

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9 thoughts on “Live Laugh Love

  1. Maureen says:

    Thanks for this. Some many times we take life for granted. Like you rightly said, all we really have is a moment in time.

    I love your blog. Your posts entitled “I can do good all by myself, Let it breathe & Help, I’m drowning in distraction” I find especially interesting. I will definitely come back here! 🙂

  2. Babypink says:

    This is a very thought provoking piece….
    I totally agree that tragedies have a way of re-focusing us as humans.
    As an individual, this particular tradegy has made me think well and hard..
    I have come to realise that majority of the things we worry about are really worthless and meaningless!…. All is vanity!
    I have made a conscious decision to focus on building everlasting treasures in heaven and also ensure that i help people along the way…
    Thanks for this piece.

  3. dayo says:

    Death is one thing we all know is gonna come at some point in our lives yet when it does happen we all seem to be shocked about it. Sometimes for me the pain isn’t so much about the death but more for how it happened.

    I’ve learnt that death unites those left or scatters them. I’ve also discovered as you said that procrastination would get us no where… you might as well say how you feel while you can and have the breath in you. We should aspire to be all God expects of us because the owner of life can call for it anytime

    Only God can console the grieving not even time. So for as many that has lost one person or the other this year..i pray the Lord will heal us all In Jesus name and also save Nigeria

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