Confessions of A Manic Driver

This is an embarrassing confession that was made possible by the comforting powers of midnight snacking!

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It’s no news to people who know me that I wear glasses, though I could be defiant about its usage sometimes. There was the need for me to reach for it as I drove home last night after a splendid time out.

Background info: A few weeks ago, I had to swap the lens into a replica frame as a result of damage to the old frame. Since the swap, I left the old frame in the divide  storage between the driver seat and the passenger seat of my car.

So, as I drove, I absent-mindedly reached  for my glasses and put them on having cleaned the lens prior to my departure. As I journeyed, I observed my vision wasn’t exactly crisp still, so,  I activated the wipers of the car thinking it was the windscreen that needed cleaning and I kept on driving. There was almost no improvement so I concluded my lights bulbs were probably dim or faulty. It was rather late and I needed to re-fuel my car if I was going to make it home.

Just as they were about to close, I drove like a maniac into one of the petrol filling stations on Awolowo Road to re-fuel the car. The young chap manning the entrance gate kept saying, “we are closed” and with a good dose of attitude, I cried out of desperation, “there is still an attendant at the pump dispensing, my friend”.  I pulled up to that particular pump and the attendant said he was done for the day. I was irritated by the unnecessary show of ‘power’. Damning the consequence of possibly driving home on an empty tank, I drove out of the station infuriated and headed for the last resort on that road. Tough luck!!! They were closed so I had to eat the humble pie and hurry back to Station ‘A’ .

By this time, their gates were closed but the guys were still in there. It wasn’t all tough luck as an AA truck arrived to tow a vehicle that had previously broken down in Station ‘A’. Thank goodness, I had my ‘gidi’ wits about me. I hurriedly tailgated the truck right into the station…ah ha! Now I was ready to eat the humble pie. I depressed the window button on my side to allow a face to face conversation, telling them not to mind my initial behaviour as I was still agitated as a result of  my husband vexing me (fable, lol!)….meanwhile, I still had my glasses on in all of this. For a second, I noticed they had these quirky looks on their faces, expressions that showed amusement at how a psychotic young woman could be behind the wheels… I couldn’t be bothered; all I needed was fuel and fuel, I got. I continued my journey amidst strained vision but thankfully got home in one piece.

Habitually, I pull off my glasses before I come out of the car. Last night was no exception, the only difference being; something was wrong as I took off the glasses. I realized my fingers went right through the part where the lens should have been sitting! Looking down, there was my new pair sitting pretty! I endured 40 minutes of eyes-squinting driving and face to face conversations between with a lousy lens-free frame stuck to my face! 😯 Classic!

The offending glasses

Oh! I must have looked like a clown to those attendants because I sure do feel like one now; little wonder the awkward stares. I bet they must have drawn their conclusions on me as one that was mentally unstable, probably en-route to Yaba left side! 😳

 What a way to end a lovely evening!



20 thoughts on “Confessions of A Manic Driver

  1. phuncare says:

    Like seriously, the fuel attendant must have sold d fuel admist fear and cracking up in laughter, but his better judgment made him keep a straight face all through the drama, careful not to ruin it……lol

  2. Mama Tamar says:

    Hahahahahaha,..this is too funny!. Cant see the glasses though. But i can imagine. I replayed the scene in my head and i LMAO then re-read and still laughed hard!

  3. Luvangel says:

    omg!!!! classic indeed!!!! the attendant didnt want ur madness as he saw clearly u had gone bananas with just frames on…lol….can’t stop laughing…nice one….most def gonna share this like nowwwww

  4. You know I just tried putting myself in those embarrasing shoes of yours. Imagine how they would all have burst out laughing after you left. Very funny I must say.

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