Been Long You Saw Me

Hi guys,

Thank God it’s Friday!!!

This is only a short one to express my apologies for the extended silence on my blog. Being constantly harassed by some NW faithfuls about my lack of posts lately hasn’t made it any easier…so sowwy 😦 (Guilt trips) It’s been manic on this side in recent weeks. As a result of good happenings, I have had to take time to settle into new roles which has also necessitated relocating from one side of town to another. Phew! … house hunting isn’t for babies…lol!

Anyways, It’s good to know you guys like the Mr and Mrs Series, I sincerely appreciate all the feedback….extremely encouraging I must say.  I shall be posting a new one shortly once I’m done tidying. Thanks for bearing with me and please do stay tuned 🙂

It’s friday, don’t dull. Let your hair down and do something interesting; while at it, remember to have fun responsibly.

Catch you soon, 😀


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