My Euphoric Thursday Night Experience

Celebrating life’s little successes!

Last night was a milestone in my life as a writer and here is why. I am an avid listener of Smooth 98.1 FM, a Lagos based radio station you can tune in to from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. It’s an awesome station I must…not so cluttered with many programmes and the quality of music played is top-notch.

By accident I stumbled on one of their late night shows a few months back where the presenter reads tales written and sent in by their audience after which calls are taken from listeners. The callers are then required to star rate the tale/story on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Some of the callers are generous with their ratings whilst there are some high-end critics; by the time they finish dissecting the components of your write-up, you’d wish you’d never sent in the tale for read…lol!

So, last week, after listening to the programme and calling in, I decided to bite the bullet and sent in 2 of my stories via email; Mr & Mrs Series: No. 9 Commotion Street and the sequelI was elated when I got response telling me my stories would be aired the following Thursday. I mentioned this to 3 friends of mine and encouraged them to listen in. I didn’t want to make so much noise about it because I wanted unbiased feedback from neutral listeners. 

With a billion butterflies in my belly, I tuned in at 10pm last night to listen to Phisayo read my stories, a fantastic narrator by the way. Being one with a great sense of humour herself, she played appropriate songs  right after reading both tales before taking calls. Oh my goodness, I’m still in awe! As I listened to each caller, I couldn’t help but bask in a state of euphoria. Every single caller gladly gave yours truly the 5-star rating. The feedback was amazing. As a matter of fact, one caller said the stories made his day. He cracked up so hard…awwww bless! 😀  

The programme ended on this note: “We want to read more from nubianwaters”. Wow! 😯  I am truly chuffed and encouraged. 😳 😀  Thank you Phisayo and Smooth 98.1 fm for featuring two of my stories on Smooth Sessions last night. I am also thankful to all the wonderful callers; Dorsey, Demola, Dami, GC and others. Now, I feel like my tank has just been re-fueled to the brim by these 5-star ratings. Thanks guys!

…and yours truly takes a bow!

I might as well seize this time to express my sincere and deepest gratitude to every single visitor, all 3,760 of you, for ever taking time out to visit my blog. You are truly appreciated. For all the kind comments and constructive criticisms on the blog, Twitter and Facebook, I really appreciate…thank you!

The sky is only the beginning! 

Have a splendid weekend.

Yours truly,

NW 😉

PS: Mr and Mrs Series: What Lies Beneath Part 2 coming up soon.


14 thoughts on “My Euphoric Thursday Night Experience

  1. phuncare says:

    Those stories sure deserve 5* ratings…..stories that made me sneak to the restroom to truly read and laugh in PEACE *can’t watch smiley*. Thumbs up NW!

  2. Mama Tamar says:

    aww,…nice! Well done. But u for tell us, ur regular readers here, to tune in naaa, we always enjoy nubianwaters write up! Thumbs up, Good job. 🙂

  3. Aww, you sure deserved it. I actually had the sory printed out for hubby to read as well :). Cant wait to read more. Sure wished i listened to the show

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