Thankful Always!

My drive home from work yesterday was long and totally exhausting. The human and vehicular exodus was just insane; hustling and bustling every step of the way. Seeing I was already trapped in the manic traffic with no way of escape in sight, I resorted to my favourite coping mechanism – finding solace in the confines of my mind. I took the time to continue my reflections on how the last 365 days panned out for me.

2012 has been a year of mixed blessings; a year of happy beginnings, a year of sad endings, a year of realizations,  a year of actualization. In the year 2012, lightning flashed and thunders rolled; deep laughter welled from within just as stinging tears fell without. There were great moments and some not so great ones. New bonds of friendship were made while some old bonds broke off for the better and the world did not end on the 21st of December. 😀

Frankly speaking, I never get high on the Christmas buzz (and I am not a grinch nor Scrooge, believe me…lol) however, I love the significance of the season and what the celebration stands for – the birth of Jesus Christ despite modern day’s attempt to undermine that! (Topic for another day)

Here’s the thing – I believe “Christmas” should be an everyday affair if we truly understand the magnanimous gesture of love and selflessness he showed us. I don’t have to wait for one day in 365 to show gratitude and then shelf it till a year later. That is why I choose to be thankful…always; for many things, for everything!

So also, we don’t have to be nice just at Christmas, we could be nice…always! Giving should not just be a Christmas affair, it’s alright to give…always! I don’t want to love or be loved only at Christmas; I want to love and be loved…always! Showing kindness at Christmas is good but it could be better; show kindness…always!

As we celebrate today, let us bear in mind that this could equally be an everyday affair. Let’s celebrate Christmas…everyday and be thankful…always! 😉 😀

Merry Christmas everyone and praying you all a wonderful 2013!

Loads of love, hugs & kisses 🙂

*Now I can go see to my marinated chicken, let the cooking begin…yay!!! 😀