Happy New You!

Happy New Year!!!

2013 is just about 3 weeks old therefore it is still fairly new and my greeting is still appropriate…kind of…hehehe! 😀

January is always a very challenging month for a lot of people in many ways. It’s like an anti-climax to the yuletide rush. Reality shock hits like thunderbolt and all too sudden, the wallets become so hard to reach for. We tend to splurge on many things over Christmas without batting an eyelid only for us to get smacked right in the face with the realities of the choices we made over the holiday season – the consequences! *sigh*

I belong to the school of thought that believes in the gift of indulgence during the Christmas season. It’s the season to dig into every lovely meal plated before you without succumbing to guilt trips in any form, shape or size. Last Christmas was not an exception for me. I mean, I ditched every rule in my book about diet & healthy living and thoroughly appeased my belly.  Of course, I was fully aware of the consequences but I couldn’t care less…needed to savour the moments!

The first week in January was a struggle. My eating habit was sort of everywhere. I simply found it difficult making the switch from yuletide binge eating to healthy eating. By the end of that week, I knew something drastic had to be done else… Apart from a conscious decision to put an abrupt stop to the compulsive junk-eating habit I acquired over the holidays, I reached for one of my favourite smoothies which I have used over the years to recondition my body whenever I needed to get back on track with my eating lifestyle. Starting the year on a pleasant note, I have decided to share the recipe…it may be of use to someone else.

Here we go…

I got this recipe from my brother who is a health-freak by the way. He calls it “Green Goddess”, please don’t ask me why because I don’t know either. The good thing is, the ingredients needed for this smoothie are things you can get from your local fruit & vegetable store without much hassle.


The things you’ll need:

2 medium size green apples

2 medium size kiwi fruit (peeled)

1 cup of seedless green grapes

2 bananas

1 large size English pear

2 medium size oranges ( bits only )

100g fresh Kale leaves or fresh Pumpkin leaves. (uncooked)

1.5 cups of Soy Milk or Rice Milk or Skimmed Milk or Semi-Skimmed Milk

Green goddess smoothie tray.

All the works!


** Pumpkin leaves are also called “Ugu”. It is a perfect substitute for Kale in this part of the world where Kale aren’t grown or found. Pumpkin leaves are rich in minerals & vitamins and contain anti-oxidants that help slow down the ageing process in our bodies.

**No full cream milk please! Remember, we are trying to keep it as healthy as possible.

**I forgot to add the Pear to the tray before taking the photo so I edited the picture my way 😀

The entire process is pretty basic;

– Wash each item thoroughly under running water especially the pumpkin leaves to avoid a sandy experience

– Add vinegar to a large bowl of  clean water and give them a final rinse. (I’d normally use apple cider vinegar)

– Put the fruits in a food processor/blender/Liquidizer in this order to facilitate easy blending: Orange bits, Kiwi, Grapes, Bananas, Apple, Pear, Pumpkin/Kale leaves & Milk

Orange & Kiwi

Orange bits & Kiwi slices

Orange bits, Kiwi slices & Seedless grapes

Orange bits, Kiwi slices & Seedless grapes

Orange bits, Kiwi slices, Seedless grapes, bananas, apples & pears.

Orange bits, Kiwi slices, Seedless grapes, bananas, apples & pears.

Add fresh & tender pumpkin leaves

Add fresh & tender pumpkin leaves

All layered up

All layered up

Add Milk

Add Milk

Ready to blend

Ready to blend

– Cover the blender properly and blend till you achieve a smoothie consistency.

End Result

End Result

Tada!!! All done!

I must say, this is a meal in its own right and you can have it as breakfast with 1 or 2 boiled eggs. I normally portion this into 5 clear glasses, seal tightly with cling film (as shown above) to reduce oxidation and refrigerate immediately. As long as power supply is steady, it preserves well in the fridge. All I do every morning before heading out to work is to grab a glass and I’m good to go. Craving water while having  this smoothie is perfectly normal so I’d advice you have a glass of water nearby.  Remember, the less you process your meals, the better for you.

So, this is to you.. wishing you a healthy 2013!



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