Tie Gele With Confidence….Get your groove on!

Hi guys,

Long time no see, no hear, no read! My schedule hasn’t gotten any easier in recent times. It’s been back to back engagements. Not complaining…simply miss hanging out here more.

Today, I have decided to post a home-video I made. This video was born out of necessity. Of the many roles in my life, I work as a creative director for an Aso-Oke production company. We specialize in producing best quality hand-woven Aso-Oke fabrics for personal & general uses. However, it saddens my heart more often than not when I ask for pictures from our clients with them adorned in the Aso-Oke gear we sold to them. On seeing most pictures, I realize the fabric hasn’t been done justice to in the way it’s been tied.

Few weeks back, we received an order from a non-Nigerian customer who is so in love with the Aso-Oke fabric and the way we tie it. She expressed her fears about not knowing how to tie it and her inability to find someone in her country of residence capable of doing justice to the fabric on her wedding day – tomorrow.  She eventually got back to me saying she found some Nigerian girl ready to do the tying at a fee. I advised her to have a trial session pre-wedding just to avoid any kind of disappointment.

A week later she got back to me with a picture from the trial session, oh my days….I was livid! I’m not going to let this happen again without personally empowering my clients. So, we both reached a compromise and decided I do a how-to tutorial. And as they say, the rest is history….

Being the generous person that I am :-D, I’ve decided to share this How-to tutorial video with my lovely readers & fellow bloggers. I do hope you find it helpful. The weekend is just around the corner with loads of wedding parties to attend….step out in great style!