Day Sixteen: The Femme Killer (Part 3)

Cerbera odollam! Cerbera odollam!! Cerbera odollam!!!  Like music this sounded to my ears. That was it. I’d found the perfect elimination option. In our back garden was my mother’s favorite place – her cute green house where she nurtured an assorted array of plants and flowers. When away from the library and I was a bit bored at home, I’d be in there keeping mother company, helping her with the pruning and watering. So, my joy knew no bounds when I realised that my discovery already had everything in place to thrive.

Somewhere on the outskirt of the other side of town was a large botanical garden whose owners prided themselves in stocking every kind of plant from every continent in the world. I made plans, cracked my piggy bank and headed there though my parents were under the impression I was going to the library that day. As I got in there, I approached one of the tenders tilling and asked where I could buy seeds. He pointed me in the right direction towards the seeds & seedlings section.

I met a young girl there, she was probably 2 or 3 years older than I was, no more. Trying not to raise any sort of suspicion, I asked her with an unassuming expression if they had Cerbera odollam seeds in stock. Without raising a brow or battering an eyelid she answered ‘yes’ as she walked away from me. She returned with a small potted plant, placed it in a brown paper bag, I paid for it and left. It was a relief to know I didn’t have to deal with planting the seed from scratch.

I hid it in a remote part of mother’s green house and by the fourth day, a Saturday, mother made fresh muffins. All set! With gloved hands, I plucked all its leaves and most of its stem, crushed them together till the juice sipped out. I sucked it into a syringe and by midday, it was emptied into one of the two muffins going to “Mr. Monster’s” porch. I disposed the entire pot and what was left of the crushed leaves and stem in mother’s green litter-bin due for pickup later in the day. Nothing out of the ordinary, I left home for the library as usual armed with two muffins.

He was waiting on his porch and I was super excited like never before to see him there as I approached his house. I tried really hard to contain myself and acted as I would have at our previous tea parties. He beamed radiantly seeing I came bearing mother’s homemade muffins. We exchanged pleasantries and settled down to begin ‘our ritual’. Having nibbled on the safe muffin, I could tell which was the fatal one to place near him. We munched away and washed down with a cold glass of iced tea and no sooner than we finished I left for the library.

Three mornings later I hadn’t seen him but I couldn’t go asking anyone if they had seen him, especially not Mrs Griffin. I was itching so badly to know if it had really worked because somewhere inside I doubted the girl gave me the right pot. By the evening I noticed there was activity on the street for I could see the reflections of flashing amber beacons. My parents stepped outside later to come back with the news I’d been waiting for. With much sadness mother announced the passing of “Big Joe” as she tried to comfort with a cuddle knowing how close we were. I felt no remorse instead it was pure satisfaction knowing Amanda would now rest in peace and Big Joe in perfect pieces. Word on the street was he died of a heart attack as confirmed by his autopsy report. There was no suspicion of any foul play. That was the best news ever, seriously it was!

And that was how it all began! With the help of Cerbera odollam,  I have been serving justice from my alternate court room ever before I got called to bar. Right now, I feel like a junkie suffering the devastating effect of withdrawal symptoms only that this isn’t self-imposed. Like I said, I think Anthony is on to me. He saw me with a syringe a few weeks back in the coffee-room while trying to arrange some for my evil client. Needless to say, that was a prey I had to let go though right now it’s doing my head in!


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Writing 101: Day Sixteen: The Serial Killer III

“Earlier in the course, you wrote about losing something. Today, write about finding something. For your twist, view day four’s post and today’s post as installments in a series.”


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